Play Time 4 You - About our Adult Shop in Chico, CA

About Our Adult Specialty Shop Chico, CA

We are the only full adult novelty store in town ! Our store carries just about every sex toy and adult novelty item. Click Here To See Complete List.

We have many selections for men, women, and couples. Our objective is to deliver a name brand product at a reasonable cost. Our local adult store has the most reasonable rates around and we pride ourselves with the ability to keep our prices comparative to online adult stores. We have an extremely knowledgeable staff that allows you to feel comfortable with any intimate questions you may have. We also stay as active within our local community, providing fun filled events!

History of The Best Adult Shop Chico, CA

Established in 2008, we are the only full adult sex toy store located in Chico, CA. Thanks to our wonderful array of customers we continue to provide a large selection of the newest adult novelty and sex toy products . Today our local adult shop is a nearly 4,000-square-foot warehouse.

A Message from Adult Store Owner Paul F.

"It's a common assumption that a healthy sexual relationship will help keep people together. We're told over & over again, in movies, televisions, magazines that we have to be sexual to be happy. Many resort to drugs to try to keep the sexual drive alive, legal and illegal. Others find ways to keep the sex fun, erotic and exciting through sexually engaging movies, toys, or dressing-up. We believe we are providing a valuable service to our community, we are here to educate and help people, to put that spark back into their lives, so they are not out looking for something else when maybe it's just something missing in the bedroom." That said owner Paul F. has developed a thriving business, he and his brother Greg (serving in Korea) opened Playtime 4 You four years ago. The success of Playtime is driven by the need of the products by all selections of society; Professional, white collar, blue collar, all races, all religions, all sexual orientation. ...anyone who wants to keep the spark."


We are the only Full Adult Store North of Sacramento!

2961 Highway 32, Suite #29, Chico, CA

  • Sunday - Thursday
    11 AM - 11 PM
  • Friday & Saturday
    11 AM - 10 PM